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Own a Piece of Aviation History


Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) is pleased to announce the availability for sale of a BAC1-11 passenger aircraft (registration letters 5A-DKO) located at Mitiga International Airport.

The BAC1-11 passenger plane, which is privately owned by LAIP, is being sold as scrap.

The plane was decommissioned based on the recommendations of a technical committee comprised of aviation professionals.

The plane has been heavily damaged by vandalism, and exposure to the elements without maintenance. Its engines and external structure are corroded and rusted.

The aircraft presents a great opportunity for individuals, scrap dealers, and companies interested in purchasing aircraft spare parts or using them for related purposes.

Terms of Sale

Disclaimer: This aircraft is being sold “as is, where is” and is expressly not airworthy or suitable for commercial use.

Intent: The purpose of this sale is to responsibly dispose of the aircraft and potentially recover its materials for sustainable reuse.

Attached below are some pictures that show the current condition of the plane.

If you are interested in purchasing the plane, we kindly recommend getting in touch with us for comprehensive information regarding the sale process, shipping options, and payment arrangements. You can reach us via email at

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