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  • Investing today to secure a better tomorrow

  • We invest today to secure a better tomorrow

  • We invest today to secure a better tomorrow

Our Investment Funds

The majority of LAIP’s investments are in directly held companies covering various economic sectors with the majority being wholly owned and located in Africa and Europe. LAIP also invests in global financial markets through several investment funds and institutional banks.

Our investment strategy

  • Diversification of our investment activities.
  • Assessing and reducing risks
  • Securing investment opportunities

Our investment goals

  • Achieving sustainable growth and returns.
  • Contributing to the diversification of national income sources.
  • Strengthening the portfolio’s role in African and international markets

Asset Allocation

The asset allocation strategy adopted by the portfolio aims to achieve a balance between risks and returns, through its adoption of a financial plan that allocates capital into different assets while taking into account the fluctuations of the financial markets, in order to achieve the set investment objectives and generate revenues from multiple sources.

Investment Opportunities