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Supplier Pre-Qualification Form

Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP) announces its desire to open the door for pre-qualification of suppliers in various fields to participate in the offers and tenders put forward by LAIP for the purpose of registering them in the qualified suppliers list:
  • Filling out the suppliers pre-qualification form and submitting the required documents does not mean in any way that the applicant is qualified or accredited by the Procurement Department of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAIP).
  • The applicant must fill out all the data required by this form, and any missing or unclear data loses the supplier’s right to be registered in LAIP’s supplier register. if data is not available for one of the items, write “the required data is not availabe” and must not be left blank.

Note: Please download the PDF file ( pre-qualification form for suppliers ), fill it out, and attach it with the rest of the files required in the electronic form.

Supplier Pre-Qualification Form

General Information

Legal Registration Details

Financial Information

Subscriber (Shareholder) Details