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Board Chairman Explores Cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture


In a pleasant gathering held at the Ministry of Agriculture’s main office in Tripoli, His Excellency Libyan First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Hussein Al-Qatrani, extended a heartfelt welcome to the distinguished guests. The esteemed attendees included Mr. Mustafa Abofanas, the Board Chairman of the Libya Africa Investment Portfolio, Mr. Altahir Al-Khair, the Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Committee within the portfolio and Mr. Abdulhalim Al-Majrab, a member of the committee.

Several officials from the Ministry and its affiliated bodies attended the meeting, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and shared objectives.

As part of its action plan, the portfolio organised a series of meetings, including this one, with a focus on prioritising internal investment in the Libyan economy, specifically in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, the Ministry aims to protect investments in Africa and tackle any potential challenges that may arise.

In the highly productive meeting, the participants came to a consensus to form a joint committee with the main aim of devising cooperation mechanisms and identifying potential projects for investment allocation by the Ministry through the portfolio.

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