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Chairman of the Board discusses cooperation with Oil Industry Localisation Committee


Yesterday, Mr. Mustafa Abofanas, the Chairman of the LAIP’s Board, convened a meeting with the Chairman and members of the Localisation Committee for the Oil Materials and Equipment Industry at the portfolio’s headquarters in Tripoli. This committee was established by the Ministries of Industry and Oil.

This meeting is a reflection of the portfolio’s commitment to giving priority to domestic investment in the Libyan economy, with a specific focus on the agricultural sector. Simultaneously, it strives to maintain investments in Africa while efficiently addressing any potential challenges that may arise.

During the meeting, the committee presented their goals and shared progress updates on their ongoing initiatives. They held in-depth discussions on potential industrial and oil projects, while also exploring opportunities for the portfolio to play an active role in the expansion and management of existing factories.

The committee members expressed their confidence in the portfolio’s participation and investment in various projects. In turn, Mr. Abofanas , the Chairman of the Board, reiterated the portfolio’s commitment to collaborate with and offer support to the committee.

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